Custom Clearance

Our Customs House Brokers arelicensed to assist exporters and importers to clear goods through Customs. Weunderstand and address the details of trade regulations and agreements at theinternational, national and local levels.

Our strong network of customs clearing specialists and systems are developed to support importers for theircomplex customs clearance by focusing on the two elements: timely release ofshipments and strong valuable data.

Distribution & Warehouse

Distribution and warehousing is a vital part of your supply chain, and we provide a comprehensive variety of services throughout our global network. Our logistics Solutions is providingseamless solutions for business-to-business and business-to-consumer distributors. Our distribution capabilities offer best-in-class warehousing anddistribution services to our clients that provide them seamless globallogistics solutions and complete supply chain management.

With the help of our worldwidelogistics partners, we can provide our customers warehousing and distribution solutions all around the globe. We offer any combination of client fulfillment,warehousing and contract warehousing, on-demand courier and freighttransportation, logistics management, and complete integrated logisticsmanagement services

Value Added Logistics

our customers can get third-partyservices, such as inventory management, inspection, labeling, packing, barcoding, order picking and reverse logistics, warehousing etc.

Value Added Logistics activities:

·Receiving goods,breaking shipments,preparing forshipment,returning empty Packaging
·Simple storage, distribution, order picking
·Assembly, repair,reverse logistics
·Pick & Pack

Supply Chain Solutions

·The process that integrates , co-ordinates and controls the movement of materials , finished inventory , andrelated information from suppliers through a company , to meet consumer requirements.
·The procurement, movement,storage and distribution of all goods, materials and related information fromoriginal source to end users

Theplanning, execution and management of goods, information and financial flowsfrom production, distribution and unto final consumption .

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